Friday, March 6, 2009

Sewing a button

Ah, the more mundane tasks of life sometimes creep into my schedule. By mundane, I mean anything that is not crochet! Despite my distract-ibility yesterday I managed to refine one pattern and got another pattern transferred from my notes onto the computer. I keep "template" instruction files for every company I work with so that I can have a better chance of plugging in the info into the right format for the right company. When I don't know where a pattern is going or I'm going to self-publish, I choose the template that I like the best. (Now, I can't tell you which one, but I use it frequently).

Today, I'm going to work on that pattern I transferred from my notes and put into the computer and try and get that pattern refined. It will likely take a day or two. If I get bored/frustrated or need a break, I'm going to work on the HUGE tote.


Scarlet said...

I forgot to tell you that I love your new photo. You are so beautiful and look at that hair, Gorgeous!!

Ellen Gormley said...

Oh! Thank you Scarlet! I call it my 'weekend hair'.