Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pout Bag Revealed

Here's the original Sneak peek,
And here's the bag! Felted, out of Caron Felt-It, this pattern is going to be available as a PDF as soon as my helper gives the pattern a once-over. I call it the "Pout Bag" because it is kind of a tear-drop shape, but it's too cute to be sad, so, it's just a 'pout'. I found the big 5" steel rings at Hobby Lobby.


Riohnna said...

I love the bag!

one K said...

Me too. Just love it :-)

Scarlet said...

Yet another pattern of yours I will be purchasing. Keep up the good work.


Ellen Gormley said...

Thanks! The pattern is almost ready, I just have a friend looking it over for me then I'll put it up.