Monday, March 9, 2009

Chief's Birdhouse

Did I show you this already or did I just think about showing you this? This is the birdhouse that Chief and Captain made together last week. Chief is very excited about it and they mounted it on a tree yesterday. We are looking forward to some new winged neighbors to move in!

Not much news I can share today, a shipment of yarn arrived today, there's some baby blue, and some pale yellow, and some white. I shipped two completed items out this morning. I've changed my mind about a dozen times on the HUGE tote, and I remembered another huge tote pattern that I have almost ready, already, that is a little different. So maybe I'll offer them both and let you choose.

I haven't worked on the First Communion Dress in a few days because I've been working so hard on the items I sent out this morning.

I'm so happy it's SUNNY! Happy Day!

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