Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! and I am Thrilled

I can't believe it, but I WON a Flamie from the Crochet Liberation Front for the 'Best Designer of Home Decor'.

It is such a great time for crochet. The fibers are so great, the consumers are ready for our most creative and innovative ideas. I think of all the men and women crochet designers of the past (whether they knew they were designers or they thought they were just making up patterns for fun) and I think of how they used to create in a vacuum, without recognition, without feedback, without the appreciation of peers. Our predecessors created crochet for their homes and their loved ones for the joy of making something delightful and functional at the same time.

With the internet, CGOA, Crochetville, Ravelry, and other crochet communities, the designers get to hear the reaction of the consumers and the opinions of other designers. I know many crochet aficionadoes and crochet designers voted for the Flamies, so I feel that I have been voted for by some of the most intelligent and creative people on the planet. Thank you for the honor of your vote.

Thank you to Laurie Wheeler, the CLF "fearless leader" who organized this event. Laurie, you make things happen! Thank you to Fignations for the awesome graphic "trophy" that I will proudly display. Thank you to Mary Beth Temple at Getting Loopy for hosting the event. Thank you. Thank you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Charlie doesn't look too happy about his St. Patrick's Day attire, does he? I think he's afraid to move!


Maria said...

Congrats Ellen! It was well deserved!


Doris said...

Brava! And ditto, since you've said what I wish I'd said. :-)

Deidre Eyles said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your Flamie!!!Woohooo! Way to go!