Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tagging Projects

A critical piece of information is that you need to tag your projects appropriately when making submissions or turning in completed projects. I use tags like these. On one side, I attach all my contact information, name, address, phone number, email, website, etc. On the other side of the tag should go:

The name of the project,

the size of the project: if it is a garment this should include the finished dimensions of the model garment and the amount of ease or type of fit you designed.

If it is an afghan or an item where it is difficult to tell which side is the "back" and which side is the "front" or Right side/wrong side... I physically tie the tag on the back or wrong side (where it wouldn't be seen while photographed if they choose to leave the tag on during photography) and I write on the tag, "This is the BACK". I do this because I don't think that the stylists or photographers are always crocheters, and they may not see the subtle differences between the right side and the wrong side.

If you are tagging a swatch, still put all your contact information on one side. On the other side, put the proposed sizing of the finished project. Under the title of the project, I'll write (swatch) so that it is easy to see at a glance that it is not the finished project (I'm not making a dishcloth, it's a swatch!)

I don't know if this is too elementary for the buyers, but I think it's best not to leave any confusion. This is how I do it. I buy the tags in boxes of like 200 from Staples office supply store.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tip! How funny that I was just thinking last night about starting to tag my products.

I've added you to a list of crochet blogs I follow!

pepper said...

i have only just taught myself to crochet in the last 2 weeks. thankyou for giving me handy tips on your blog and showing me that i can make some amazing things once i get past the granny square stage.