Monday, November 3, 2008

Free Form Needle Felting with Marsha Polk

Saturday was a great day! Robyn Chachula (pictured below) and I went to a Free-Form Needle Felting Class, with author, crochet designer, and all around nice gal, Marsha Polk. (pictured above). Marsha is the author of Crochet Squared.

Here is my first attempt at needle felting. It's a little key chain! The class was held at Fiberge' yarn shop in Cincinnati, OH. And I didn't leave that store empty handed! Oh no, I had to peruse all the luscious fibers and choose one or two, or three or four to come home with me to sit in my stash indefinitely until I can get around to it.

The day only got better as I took the kids to see High School Musical 3. They loved it. I had to wipe a tear as Troy and Gabriella said goodbye. Followed by pizza and the kids having a camp-out in the living room and bingo, a great day. It only would have been better if Captain had been at home. But I think he was happier to be watching Michigan football than watching Chad and Taylor dancing with Sharpay and Ryan and the gang. Yeah, I want it all.

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