Friday, November 14, 2008

Naming my designs...

I'm notoriously bad at naming my projects. I usually end up with something totally uncreative like "green granny blanket", which of course, doesn't work if the editor changes the color. I do like to name things after places I have been, but since I haven't been anywhere exotic, I don't think that the "Cincinnati sweater" or the "Northern Kentucky hat" is going to be a winner. I don't like to name things after places I haven't been like the St. Moritz blanket, because it makes me feel pretentious and dishonest. Usually the editor re-names the item and then it doesn't matter to me.

I once put in alot of effort in naming one particular blanket. The colors appeared very earthy to me and somewhat Spanish/Mexican, so I looked up children's names on the Internet that were of Spanish/Mexican origin. I chose a lovely name for the blanket, but then the editor changed it anyway, so all the effort was wasted. So now, the names are just descriptive "fuzzy purple blanket" "hooded baby cardigan" etc, Or, by the very creative code number. Right now, I'm working on "08113".
This is a photo of Chief at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, back when we went in September.

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TurquoizBlue said...

Now I definitely don't feel so bad about not having fancy, exotic names for many of my projects.