Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween, 2008. Here it is. The thing about Halloween is that the kids change their minds so much, so often, that it often gets left to the last minute. Chief wanted to be SpiderMan (again) this year, but couldn't find his SpiderMan mask. He really didn't care though, and I suspect that he didn't want the mask. Chickee wanted to be a ghost (again). She was a witch last year, but a ghost the year before, so here she is as a ghost again. The lovely, happy witch is one of our darling nieces and just 6 weeks younger than Chickee. The adorable Guernsey on the left is our nephew. He is just 10 month younger than Chief and they are best friends and playmates. Yes, that is a big cow bell around his neck. Too funny.
Here is a self-portrait of me and Captain. This is actually really funny because I took the photo with my arm outstretched and it is really, really, rare to catch Captain being goofy.

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