Saturday, November 22, 2008

Special Olympics Scarf

I have been wanting to do a scarf for the Special Olympics World Winter Games. The call for scarves came out in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue of Crochet Today.
Scarves can either be crocheted or knitted, but they need to be in Red Heart Super Saver Delft Blue and White. Don't quote me, go look it up for yourself, but I think they need to be shipped by January 15, 2009.

In the above photo, I had grand ideas of learning a Fair Isle technique in knitting, and I was using size 9 needles. Well, I had no idea how to get started with the Fair Isle part, and it was taking sooooo lonnnnnggggg. ugh.

I did what any impatient crafter would do, I got out the size 13 needles, doubled up the yarn and viola'! This is alot more fun!

I might even get this one done in time! I have about 12" done now.

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