Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stitch markers

ee-nee, mean-ie, my-nee, Mo! Which is your favorite, I want to know! I just finished a project in which I used many stitch markers. By far, my favorite is the ones on the left, the locking stitch markers. They also make a larger size, but the little ones are fine with me. The split rings in the middle of the photo are fine, but have blunt ends that 'caught' on my yarn. The markers on the right also seemed to snag on my yarn....Yuck!


Lisa said...

I'd want the ones on the left. Where did you find them? Right now I'm using real safety pins but those would be easier and nicer to use.

I keep all my crochet hooks and yarn needles in a little cosmetic bag, and my husband laughs whenever I have to fish the bottom for those safety pins or a yarn needle because all the metal hooks clang and clank and make a real ruckus. I must have about 20 hooks in there.

What are you storing your hooks in Ellen?

Haley said...

The locking Clover brand markers on the left are my absolute favorite!! I really dislike the ones on the right - I prefer plastic coated paper clips to those - because like you said they snag the yarn really badly!! I have even used an earring in a pinch when I couldn't find a marker :)

Ellen Gormley said...

Oh, now you did it, Lisa! Now, I'll have to show you my hook stash! I really would love to be a minimalist, but I have too much stuff! I took photos, look for my hooks in an upcoming post.

The Clover stitch markers I have seen in Herrschner's and Mary Maxim catalogs (CGOA members get a discount at MM). I have seen them at Hobby Lobby. You can also get them on the Yarns and More yahoo group, there is a link on the right under 'Great Sites to See'. Tell Jean, 'Ellen sent ya!'