Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lynn's second lesson

Between lessons, Lynn went out and bought herself a set of hooks! I can't believe she didn't buy any yarn! But, she called me for a second lesson, so we got together. This lesson she learned how to make a slip knot, how to sc into chs and how to change colors. Her tension is much improved and she is feeling much more relaxed. I'm thrilled for her because she is excited about learning something new. Her son, (Chief's age) is so interested in crochet and watches are lessons with interest! I am going to keep him interested a few more lessons then either encourage Lynn to teach him or offer to teach him myself.

Lynn's next lesson I plan on teaching her hdc, dc and maybe some pattern reading tips. I am careful when I teach her, that I use the exact words and phrasing that she will read when it comes time to read a pattern. Hopefully when she reads instructions they will be familiar to her because we have been using proper terminology all along.

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