Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, no more hooks after these two.... I have so many hooks! And really, how many can you use at one time? I love my hooks though. I'm not a hook snob either, I like all functional hooks. I'll let the hook collectors collect the collectible hooks. (how many times can you put 'collect' in one sentence?) The collectible hooks don't really appeal to me because I don't feel that I can use them without worrying about them. I don't want to lose them, drop them, break them, lend them, so what's the point in having them? yes, I know they are pretty.

I bought these two hooks because 1. they were on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby 2. they are aluminum size N and M (more rare than the other hook sizes I have) and 3. They have the Bamboo handles which I LOVE.

I will buy more hooks IF I can find a 14" Tunisian/afghan hook in a size "N" or anything larger than a K.

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