Wednesday, April 26, 2017

While the cats are away...

Chickee and I were away while Chief was in DC. Captain stayed home. Chickee and I went to Daytona Beach with my Dad. Lots of quality time with my Dad, which we haven't had for a long time!

 We spent Easter Sunday together.
 Praise Jesus, the condo had a piano! I knew Chickee couldn't go a whole week without playing piano. It wasn't perfectly in tune but close enough that random guests offered her tips for playing! :)

We spent a Magical Day at Epcot! Dad hadn't been in more than 20 years and Chickee has been several times but loves it so much that she knows the park inside and out. We ate pastries in France, egg rolls in China, beef and potatoes in Canada. We rode rides, saw acrobats and drums... all in one day.
Here we are at Chickee's favorite Disney restaurant Teppen Edo, the Japanese grill. It was a ton of fun squeezed into one day.
 The Ponce Inlet lighthouse.
A few days running on the beach and tons of lounging and reading. I even got about 20 minutes of crochet done. Snicker.

Friday's post... why we rushed back home to Ohio! (Don't worry)

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