Monday, April 17, 2017

My Mountain Man

Hopefully when you are reading this, spring will be in full swing! I'm writing ahead to post when I need a day off. :) Also, sometimes I procrasti-blog.  I write posts ahead when I should be doing other things and then I save them on days when I'm actually busy.

So Tom is in training too. He has had a bucket list wish to climb Mt. Rainier for as long as I can remember. For some reason (milestone birthday?) he feels that THIS is the year. He's been working out with a personal trainer, shifting our diets as much as we can and adding weekly hikes, strength training and cardio to his usual biking.

We actually have a county park within walking distance of the house. In early March I went with him on his hike through the rolling hills and trails of the park. The 5 mile hike was easy for me but much more difficult for him since he carries a weighted backpack to simulate all the gear and water he will have to carry on his expedition. He usually hikes 6-8 miles but the snow made the hills muddy and gross so we cut that day short. His trip is scheduled for mid summer.

Fitness doesn't have to be running, treadmills or biking. Hiking, walking, even unconventional activities like Frisbee or hula-hooping all count!

Do you have a bucket list fitness or well-being type goal? Is THIS your year? Did your heart rate speed up just hearing this question? Perhaps you haven't actually put your goal on the list yet! Whisper it, then write it down.

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