Sunday, April 30, 2017

Make MONEY from crochet! I can help you!

Have you been wanting to become a professional in the crochet industry but haven't known where to start? Do you want to make money from the craft you love? Maybe you have already started but haven't made the progress you are looking for?  I'd like to share my experience with you!

NOW is the perfect time because CGOA is coming up where you could potentially meet buyers. TNNA is coming up if you are already a member but want to push your career further.

I want to be your COACH.

Can you feel it coming? Take the crochet world by storm this summer! 
Make it happen!

I can help you with everything from writing a proper pattern, contract stitching, article writing, staying organized, making goals, how to become a tech editor, making a polished submission, how to submit pattern ideas and where to send them. I can help you network in the industry. I have 14 years of industry experience, 5 books, several videos, several seasons on Knit & Crochet Now, have been published over 300 times. I am a great resource. Use me for your benefit!

I have already mentored others you may have heard of!  I'll let them comment here if they want to reveal themselves :)

Here's the plan...
You'll hire me for ONE MONTH. You can use the heck out of me with questions and I will attend to your unique questions and needs. Then, if you want to hire me for additional months, you can or not, for a smaller fee. Think of it as a bootcamp for the first month and then maintenance.

IF YOU WANT... (but not required) we can also talk about your fitness/wellness goals. While I have a MA in Community Counseling and I was a practicing therapist for years, I will not slide into the area of doing therapy, but I am qualified to talk to you about GOALS!  And how to shape your life into a better balance.  I am used to holding confidentiality and will protect your goals and ideas as YOURS.

Are you ready to get started on your crochet career?  Message me for the details! Ellen @ GoCrochet dot com

Comment below with questions you have.

This is so exciting!


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing idea!! I'm definitely going to hire you as soon as I recover from Stitches United!

sandi said...

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to turn their hobby into an income stream.
Ellen's combination of experience in all facets of this industry together with her sensible and empathetic personality make her the ideal mentor for people at any stage of their career. She has the answers to your questions and she knows the people you need to know. She is also just generally awesome. You couldn't ask for a better coach than Ellen.

Brenda Bourg said...

Ellen is a fantastic mentor - I was fortunate enough to have her as one myself! She cares if you succeed and goes all out to help you make it happen. Her hard-earned wisdom and professional insight have proven to be an invaluable resource. Ellen knows our field inside and out and generously shares what she knows with those she mentors - don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Knot Just Crocheted said...

I'm a crochet designer with over 50 self published designs and several with Red Heart yarns and I like Crochet. I'm always looking to grow my business. I'd like more info on the cost of your coaching program

Unknown said...

Hi Susan, I don't see a way to contact you. Please email me at or comment with your email and I won't publish it. When I click on 'Susan's Crafts' I'm not finding an email address.

Jodiebodie said...

Hi Ellen,
This is a great idea. You have always inspired me as I have watched you through your blog and Ravelry develop your crochet career, all while juggling a young family etc. I know you will make a great coach as you are a good example of how to create your own success.
Good luck with this new facet of your crochet business. I wish there were such well established channels in my own country.