Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Car Talks to Me

And it's telling me to RUN.
It figures. I've been super productive with my 40 designs in 40 days challenge (getting closer to on-goal again). I've made good progress toward other crochet project goals but I haven't had time to run.  It seems like I can never create a balance of both. When I'm productive with one, the other suffers. Tomorrow I will run. I will run long on Saturday and home to create some sort of balance. Hopefully my crochet productivity won't lag in the process.

I do know that when I am productive, I feel better about myself and feel more optimism than when I am stuck. That is why I try hard to give myself credit for the things I DO, and not beat myself up for the things I didn't get to yet.

Maybe that is why I love the final edging on crochet projects so much! I get to fasten off and complete a project! That when FO stands for 'Fasten off' and not, uh... go away... FO. heehee

1 comment:

Sigrid Swinnen said...

Haha! Good thinking of you, we all need to be happy with what we've done and don't look at the pile of what we still have to do.
I would be a little scared though, if my car tells me to run. I start to imagine that it is going to explode and that's why I should run away :-)
Have a great day, Sigrid