Friday, January 13, 2017

Too Inspired

Many people assume that if you have tons of Works in Progress (WIPs) that you are a non-finisher, a quitter, or scatterbrained... maybe some of those things could be sort of true, but I prefer to think that we are just TOO INSPIRED.

I just want to stitch it all, make it now, all of it. Crochet. Knit. Weave. I walk into my yarn closet and I'm equally overwhelmed by 1. The mess 2. The possibilities.

I get out some project bags and separate yarns into idea bags. Maybe I'll throw in a hook or a sticky note with a rough reminder of what sparked my interest. Sometimes I get as far as unwinding yarn and getting it into usable balls before I put it in the idea bag.

I should get out one of those WIP bags to take to piano lessons later today... maybe start on a new design. But more than likely I'll go into my stash closet, find a WIP bag and have absolutely no idea what I had in mind. :)  Good thing I'm too inspired... I'll just come up with a new plan.

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Patty Berlingieri said...

I too am 'inspired'!! Love this post!