Friday, January 27, 2017

Crochet and Buttons

Like many of you perhaps, I have inherited my mom's button box. It's in this large cookie tin from a Christmas a lifetime ago. I have added to the box over the years but when I dig down to the bottom and swirl around the buttons, it's a sound like no other sound. There are buttons probably from the 1950's in there mixed with buttons from this year. 

One of my favorite sociology professors in college said that America was not so much a melting pot but was more like a salad bowl. We all belong but we still have our unique identities. Kind of like this button box, we are varied and all belong. 

Back to crochet... The best buttons for crochet, in my opinion are shank buttons. The ones that have the little loop on the back. Hopefully the hole on the back is big enough to thread a thickness or two of yarn through with a tapestry needle. Buttons with eyes are also fine if you can get the yarn through.  I even have button "blanks" in my box to make my own buttons. Either by covering them with fabric (which I have no idea how to do) or wrapping them in yarn (which seems kind of fragile).

I want buttons on my crocheted work that:
1. won't fall off.
2. won't weigh down the fabric and droop, and
3. are the perfect size for the opening so they stay fastened.

What are your thoughts about crochet and buttons? Do you have a button box? Was it inherited?

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