Thursday, January 5, 2017

Crochet For Ever!

Hello, Dear Readers!  Happy New Year!
I always think of GOALS when New Year's comes along. A good friend of mine said that she is kind of anti-resolution, that really we can make renewed efforts any time of the year. So instead of resolutions, here's to ... RENEWED EFFORT!  whoo hoo!

This year, I am going to renew my efforts in.... spending more time crocheting! (YAY!) For fun, for design, for EVER!

I'm going to renew my efforts in ... reading!  I love reading and miss it. I know it enhances my life so I'm going to get back into it.

Where will you renew your efforts?

Theo is looking forward to having yarn more accessible around the house. I keep it closed in bags and behind doors because he likes to take it and run all over the house. He is not a yarn snob either, he will take any yarn, any fiber and try to hide it. It's funny, he will fetch his toys but my yarn he takes and won't bring back...

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