Monday, January 9, 2017

Driftwood, Drifting Back Again

I just can't get away from the Driftwood Cap.

It just fits SOOOO WELLLL.  It's comfortable and warm. It hugs your head and stays ON, even when I'm running or shoveling snow. So when I want a hat, it's the one I want.

I made another one this weekend, well, almost finished. And I used a gorgeous stitch marker, a Christmas gift from a friend. Sitting with some binge tv and it's a recipe for a great day. 

Get the pattern on my GoCrochet Ravelry Store if you are interested. 

1 comment:

Jodiebodie said...

It's a great hat pattern, isn't it?
I made a Driftwood Cap for my daughter and she loves it for the same reasons you love yours: thick, cosy and warm and it stays on!