Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Savage Race AKA Ellen's Midlife Crisis

My two step-sisters, Amber and Amy, love to do these run/obstacle races. They came into town with Amy's husband Kris to run the Savage race and convinced me to join them.

I'm glad I did it. It was tough, I'm proud of myself, but I'm not likely to do it ever again. It was 6.7 miles with 25 obstacles. The race was on a ski resort which meant we literally climbed up and down that hill once per mile.

I'm in the middle, holding my nose. Amber is holding my hand. We were about to slide into muddy water.

I'm on the far right about to jump. Amber is next to me in orange.

Again, holding my nose. Who wants dirty, muddy water up their nose? Not me! The water is about 15' deep.

The dreaded Sawtooth monkey bars.

 I gave it a shot and fell in within another rung or two.

We had to crawl under barriers (you can see the other lane on the right) that forced us to go down into the mud/water up to our necks.

This must be the beginning because I'm still clean!

Who thought carrying a beam up a ski slope was a good idea?

 Amber in Orange, Amy in the middle.

Here I am gloating because I got further (before falling) on the spinny monkey bars than Kris (Amy's husband). This was my only real victory of the day besides simply finishing intact. (You can already see the huge bruises forming on my lower arm).
Mud is good for the skin, right? 

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