Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More? You want more Knit and Crochet Now?

 This might have to be my new headshot. Thanks to Robyn Chachula for taking it for me!

Really, this team made me feel so beautiful I had to take one more quick selfie as production wrapped and before I hit the drive home. I walked into a fast-food place an hour later and felt like a movie star. I imagined all the workers whispering... "Who is that? and is she really getting a chocolate shake at this hour?"  heehee.

 Again, thanks Robyn!

Here I am with Deborah Norville. Chickee tells me that when I selfie, not only am I supposed to take the photo FROM above, but I made an error in looking DOWN. Apparently I am supposed to simultaneously look UP. Oh well. Deborah has it mastered though! It was so nice to meet her and work with her. You all are going to love seeing her on the show. Keep an eye out for when Season 7 airs in January. Find the episode when Deborah takes to the hook herself. Awesome. The woman has skills and a great sense of humor.

Did you know you can become an All-Access member of Knit and Crochet Now? You get ALL the episodes on demand. ALL the patterns. AND a discount on purchases from Annie's? Seriously. Never miss a thing.

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