Monday, July 20, 2015

Back stage and On stage fun!

Season 7 of Knit and Crochet Now happened this past week.  We missed host, Brett Bara, terribly but are happy she's happy with her newborn twins and juggling her successful Brooklyn Craft Company.

What's new this season? Deborah Norville joins the cast as the host of the show. Welcome Deborah!
She is such a pro and knows her knit and crochet. She fit right in and we are thrilled to have her.

Here, Robyn and I are both polished and ready to go!

Here I am with Sandi Rosner.

Am I repeating myself yet? Top row is crochet expert Rohn Strong with Deborah Norville.
Lena Skvagerson and I are in the middle row. The front row is Kristin Nicholas and Robyn Chachula. There we are, the Season 7 cast.

Here I am with the talented and entertaining, Rohn Strong.

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Mary Jane Hall said...

You look fantastic Ellen! I am SO happy for you! It's wonderful that Deborah Norville is a part of the show now. Btw, I have never been able to get the show on my TV. Can you believe that? I never even got to see the episode I was on! That's crazy, but of course I have the dvd. Cable didn't have that channel in the Dayton area, but I recently found Knitting Daily for the first time. Then I changed to Direct TV and now I don't even get that! Upsetting to me that I can't get the show! Do you get it in the Cincinnati area?