Friday, July 17, 2015

Knit and Crochet Now fun!

Here I am with my hair and makeup done by the first team. (We had a different team the other days). The variety was fun and they were all very skilled. Lena Skvagerson is in the chair behind me getting polished. She's already beautiful.

Here I am in a different outfit and a microphone already wired with color expert, sheep farmer, teacher, knit designer, fun lady, Kristin Nicholas.

Robyn Chachula, Rohn Strong, and Lena Skvagerson hang out on set until it's time to roll.

Here Robyn Chachula gets her polish from Emmy award-winning makeup artist, Amanie Mokdad. Her hair is being styled by salon owner and product development expert, Voula Isakov. Can I say, "Dream team"?

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