Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When are you getting off the couch?

Charlie wonders when we are going to get off the couch.  Chickee and I are in recovery mode today trying to focus on nutrition and preventing dehydration. The Captain is home sick today but it appears he has a much milder case than what Chickee and I had.  Today, I am weak, but able to crochet, which is so important because I have a deadline Friday, so I need to ship tomorrow.


Linda K said...

Sorry you are sick. I hate those bugs! We have a black and white Manx cat with a black spot on his nose. He is 13 and is mostly black with white around his face, and a black spot on his nose. I wanted to name him Charlie, but my husband and youngest daughter wanted to name him Booger. It was 2-1, they won. He's a bed cat, and takes up the whole queen-size bed. Love your crochet designs. Hope you get off the couch soon, for Charlie's sake. Ha-Ha

Hugbuggal said...

Hope you and Chickee feel 100% soon! Lucky you're able to crochet - that ALWAYS relaxes me and makes me feel better. :D

Big Hugs!

faeryfay said...

Relax! Take the time to get better and look after yourself and chickee!