Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunny Spread Question

Here are two questions that came to me via Ravelry about the Sunny Spread pattern and the yardage necessary to complete the project:

Question 1:
I’m making your Sunny Spread, but out of Classic Elite One Fifty, which is more of a DK weight, so I’m debating whether to make 81 motifs (9x9) or 100 (10x10). I’m wondering how much yarn I will need for the edging. Each ball is 150 yards. Do you know? Thank you!

And my reply: 
Thanks for your interest in the pattern. I don’t know. :) But almost 300 people have made the pattern in one form or another, certainly someone has made it in DK weight. Here’s the link to the Ravelry page of the Sunny Spread Projects. 150 yds isn’t very much when it comes to blankets, I usually use skeins that have more like 270/290 yds and I would generally reserve at least one of those, if not 2 just in case if I were designing a blanket. So, my educated guess is have 3 for the edging (450 yds).

Question 2:
 How many skeins of that Moda Dea yarn did you use for the gold blanket? I would like to make one that same size and am trying to figure out what yarn and yardage to use. It's so beautiful! Thanks,

And my reply: 
The Moda Dea was discontinued 2 years ago, so I’m guessing you will not be using it. To help you choose the best yarn, look at some of the great Sunny Spread projects our Ravelry friends have made. The pattern specifies 7 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, which is 333yd per skein = 2548 total yards. I can’t wait to see what you choose.

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