Monday, February 7, 2011

Sneak Peek

I know some of you think I've been slacking off...nothing could be further from the truth! At this point, I'm daydreaming of several projects I can't wait to make when I finish all my contracted work.  I've been keeping the US Postal Service and UPS in business. They've been getting plenty of my overnight shipping business! 

TWO new patterns are coming out soon to my independent publishing line. I'm so excited to have one of the most awesome tech editors on board to help me make some progress.  I'll keep you posted.


Tinklknit said...

Sounds very interesting.
Wish you all the best for these projects and are looking forward to more information ;-)

Doris said...

Are those snippings from loose ends? Now I KNOW how busy you've been! Looking forward to seeing new stuff.