Friday, September 17, 2010

Tunsian: HOOKS!

I need any and all opinions about all styles and brands of Tunisian hooks! I'll read ALL comments about all brands, but I won't publish anything negative, so don't mention brand names in your comment. If you want me to know the good and bad stuff about specific brands, go ahead and email me your thoughts to: Ellen at GoCrochet dot com put "Tunisian hooks" or something in the subject line so that I don't think it's spam. Thanks!


Sue McCrory, CFL Coordinator said...

I just bought my first full set of bamboo Tunisian hooks, and I only have two issues:

1. the sizes are not marked on the actual hooks (which I am used to with aluminum traditional hooks). I will mark the end caps with a marker just for convenience.

2. this is probably just me being used to aluminum hooks but they feel very fragile to me - it's a combination of how light they are and how long they are, and I'm terrified I'm going to accidently break one. And given I don't know how much force it actually takes to do that (and don't want to find out the hard way), it makes me a bit hesitant when using them.

Sara said...

I can comment on the force a size Q maple hook can take. lol A lot. My kids test drove it for me. It got some dings, but that is it.

I usually like the aluminum ones with the extended cable. The straight long aluminums just didn't give me as many options as the ones with the cable.

I have another maple hook, size O, with an extended cable and I love it. The tip extension isn't too long. The maple is lightweight enough to not get tiresome even with the weight of the yarn. And the cable join is smooth.

I checked and the sizes were either written in marker or burned in the wood hooks. The aluminum has the size in mm, but not the letter, which is a little frustrating.

With most of my tunisian, I find myself reaching for the K hook in the aluminum.