Monday, September 6, 2010

Ammonite Scarf Reveal

above photo belongs to Inside Crochet magazine.

I had been calling it the 'Dog Bone' scarf because the motifs reminded me of, well, dog biscuits. Also, the foundation of each motif is 29 sts, so my second title was the '29 again' scarf. Neither title won out. I guess I have a quirky sense of humor. Anyway, the Ammonite Scarf (a lovely name, but I don't know what an 'Ammonite' is... enlighten me?) is now in Inside Crochet, issue 10! Available now as a digital download through YUDU. In 6 months, I'll have the pattern as an individual PDF.


Sarah.Crochet said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog... beautiful scarf! I googled "ammonite" and found two definitions... if you capitalize the A then it means "a member of a Semitic people who in Old Testament times lived east of the Jordan between the Jabbok and the Arnon" and if you don't capitalize the a then it means " any of a subclass (Ammonoidea) of extinct cephalopods especially abundant in the Mesozoic age that had flat spiral shells with the interior divided by septa into chambers"

The second definition looks like the motif... but my husband says that the dictionary is wrong and the correct definition is the first one... the Ammonites were allies of Israel.

crazymotheringchick said...

What a beautiful scarf. You are so talented a designer. I can't wait to make that.

Cami said...

I love the scarf!