Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CAL Tunisian Scarf: Blocking

Blocking methods depend on the fiber content used in the project.

Kimb0 on Ravelry made her scarf in a silk/wool blend yarn, she asked, "Since it’s so long, can I double it up to do this step? I’m headed to my dad’s for the rest of the weekend, and was thinking I could pin it to a couple of towels laid across the washer/dryer, but it’s way too long to lay out in a single layer."

My reply: To block your silk/wool blend, I would pin it down to the right dimensions, stretching it as much as you want to show off the openness. then squirt it with water until it is very wet, near saturated, and let it dry. If you can’t pin it to towels on a floor or bed, then you can double the scarf, but make it shaped like a “V” so that it is not resting on itself. The keys to blocking wool is to use only cool (not hot) water and try not to handle it much or let it rub against itself much…. you don’t want it to felt.

Chickee caught a butterfly! It almost doesn't look real. Unfortunately, I think it was easy to catch and sat so still because it was injured.

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