Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching up

Last week was so productive that I can't imagine that this week could possibly be nearly as productive. But I'm going to try anyway. Y'all know how crazy I am about goals... I've been reading a book by one of the early motivators Earl Nightingale... you remember Earl right? Anyway, he wrote a short effective book called, The Strangest Secret. In the book Earl agrees with me that goals are critical to success. My goal to make the remaining part of 2010 all about learning is going well. I am trying to be more of a student of crochet like my friend Vashti Braha. One of the many things I love about Vashti is that she studies her stitches, construction methods and really is very thoughtful about her design decisions.

Ok, I'm rambling. I'm just stalling. The next edit on the BOOK is this week and it is due to arrive on my doorstep any MINUTE. Also, the final photoshoot for the BOOK is going on RIGHT NOW. Woohoo. Crazy. Also, I've been waiting for a few reveals that I thought would happen last week, perhaps this week.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about the Tunisian CAL.

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