Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Trip!

Can you read this box? It says, "Put away by Sunday or it's thrown away". Charlie got in. Is he trying to tell me something? Does he want to defect since Sweets came along?

This morning I'm out the door for my road trip to Detroit! Wish me luck! I hope I'll be able to share many photos of some names you'll recognize, probably, hopefully on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I take the day "off".


Sara said...

Have a safe trip!

Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

That box is a great idea!! (Not for Charlie of course!!) I should start one of those in my family room - especially as we plan for the baby getting mobile!

Enjoy your trip!! We, your faithful readers, will miss you but can't wait for the details and photos on your return!!!!

Have a safe trip and a great day!

Susan said...

Have a Great Time!


Shelby Allaho said...

Have fun!!!