Friday, October 9, 2009

Answering a few questions...

I totally slept in this morning and it was wonderful! The kids have the day off and it is rainy and gloomy and I barely woke when Captain left for work. (poor guy had to go to work).

Chickee and I made this chocolate cheesecake for my birthday last week. The edges were good.... the middle.... had to be thrown out. Oh well. Cheesecake can be tricky (I tell myself).

Ok, on to your questions:

Yes, I have a whole room (and big closet) dedicated to crochet. Now, Captain thinks that it's the "office" and I might allow him to change the name to make him feel better.... but if it's full of yarn, and full of crochet books, and full of crochet tools.... well, ya' know... if it acts like a duck...

Am I going to be on TV? uh, yes. That's the plan! I hope to reveal more late next week.

Don't worry, Charlie the cat is very much curious/afraid of guinea pig, and he only has one tooth and no front claws... still they are both carefully supervised when the Sweets is out of her cage and I wouldn't let anything happen to either one of them.

I looked for that first book by Janet Evanovich yesterday and couldn't find it. I'll request it from the library next time. This time I picked up a book by Louisa May Alcott, "The Long Fatal Love Chase" or something like that.

Yes, I know I could go on individual author;s websites to find the sequence of their books, but usually I just go to the library without a plan and pull something off the shelf that has a pretty cover, I don't always research a book or author before I choose.

The Crochet and Chat is held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:30 at the Miami Township Library (Cleves, OH). It is very close to Indiana and KY, so if you're near, I'd love to see you. All fiber crafts are welcome.

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Sara said...

LOL I totally didn't even think about Charlie hurting Sweets. My rottie, cats and rabbits always got along. My rabbit rules the roost or pen or whatever! ;)

Thanks for the library info.

Can't wait to hear more about your TV appearance.

Love the picture of Chickee and the Cheesecake. Looks nomulous.