Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Being Happy

102 Followers! Thank you, thank you! What fun! Welcome followers!

I'm working feverishly toward a deadline. The deadline was very reasonable, but I just had so many projects that this one had to sit and wait it's turn, so now the clock is ticking.

And besides the book, I only have 2 projects in my queue that have deadlines. (Besides the book, of course, that I still work on in between more time sensitive work.

Also, holiday gift giving is creeping up on us.... have I already mentioned this? It's been on my mind, so I may have already mentioned it. I am trying to decide what the year's gift will be for teachers and helpers. Last year I made Tunisian Lace Ascots for everyone. I may end up defaulting to that versatile pattern again. I may actually knit up gifts this year to push myself into practicing my knitting. What are you doing for holiday giving?


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

The afghan that I had planned for my son's birthday has graduated to a holiday present! As has the shawl that was for my grandmother's birthday (that birthday was in June!!). The littlest one is keeping my hands away from my hooks. Have a great day and good luck with the deadline! :o) Haley

TheHMC said...

So far I've been planning some simple gifts so as to not bog myself down like I did last year. But, I'm getting started on them earlier this year, so if I have time I'll do more for everyone. My plan is to make some kitchen sets- I found a lovely pattern for an all-crocheted hanging kitchen towel, and will be making that, along with a pot holder and dishrag. I'm going to get some simple baskets and put the set in there with some homemade bread(s)(either banana, zuchini or apple walnut) and a few other home made goodies and maybe a votive or something along those lines. I think I'm only doing one basket per family and if I DO end up with extra time will put more personalized items in for each family member.