Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Food For thought.

Have you ever wondered what a knit/crochet designer earns? Read a glimpse of it here at Annie Modesitt's blog.


Jolene said...

I think her information might be a bit skewed though... I did email an opinion letter to the person she named in her article, and he filled me in on some more facts that she neglected to tell:

Designers are paid a reasonable fee (500 - 1000 dollars depending on the design) and then the 6% she discusses is applicable to web designs sales. There are different arrangements for written leaflets, magazines, etc.

Always more than meets the eye isnt there... sigh

Ellen Gormley said...

Thanks Jolene,

Thanks for your interest in this topic. Really though, if the average fee was between 500-1000, I'd be really, really, really happy. In my experience it's much, much lower. I think knit designers get paid more, and definitely some magazines pay better than others.

Ellen Gormley said...
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Jolene said...

yeah I agree... I'm sure that people don't always get what's "fair" I just wanted readers to consider some other facts. Annie's article is quite enraging (I know I felt rotten thinking that a publication was fleecing designers like that) but after conversing over email with someone from the company (who was quite friendly and forthcoming) I was a little ashamed at myself for having jumped on a bandwagon without having all of the facts. From her article it sounded like designers were only receiving that measley amount from each sale, but it sounds like the formula is much more complex and individualized depending on the designer/pattern/etc.

I agree that there is a "fair" number to be paid for such time consuming work... I just don't think we can know from Annie's article whether or not SOHO Publications deserves the negative publicity or not. Maybe they are unfair, or maybe they arent.

The whole thing definetly gave me some things to think about.

Thanks Ellen :)