Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is me, today....

Well, actually, a few days ago... but I'm still in that same spot, still crocheting.


Sara said...

looks comfortable! my kitties love to sit in my lap too.

Jolene said...

I love days like those... the whole house could fall down, and I wouldn't even notice! (just insert a spinning wheel and some Pepsi in there somewhere and I'm good for days!)

Susan said...

I just need my rocking chair or a great spot on the family room floor... :-:-)

And I love the way Charlie sits on you there. He looks comfy.

Hey... Is that a clear bag on I see on the couch? It looks like it has your yarn in it. where did you get that? I use to have those a LONG time ago. But I can't find them anymore. I want those much bad. They are just big enough to hold everything you need for your project.... In fact, they use to be called " Project Bags "..

" Let me know where you got that... O.K ? If you saw my craft room, you would know why... "

~ Susan

Gina K said...

I'm loving this picture! It reminds me of myself...I get all comfy with my crochet project and my Casper always has to sit on my lap. I have two cats, but Casper is the lap kitty, especially when I'm crocheting.
In response to Susan's post...I have tons of clear plastic (zip-closure) bags like that. But mine come from friends and family members...every time someone buys any bedding, the bedding always comes in those. Many people save them for me. I like to use them to put completed projects in, that way they stay clean and dry.

Susan said...


I have clear bags that are zippered from the blankets I buy for our bed... I always asve them for SOMETHING... I just never thought of using it for this...I will now though!! THANK YOU!!!

~ Susan