Friday, September 18, 2009

How many projects do I juggle?

Recently, someone asked how many projects do I usually juggle at any one time...

The answer varies, of course. Right now with the book, I'm juggling all the projects for the book,

For the book:

2 are done
1 in process, instructions not done
3 boxes of yarn sitting waiting, instructions not done
3 projects of yarn ordered
2 projects haven't decided on colors yet
4 on my mind, not designed

off the top of my head:
12-15 waiting to be published, done. (keeping track of payments, contracts, invoices)
1 waiting for yarn to arrive to make it (design it, write it)
Designs currently submitted? Maybe 8?
Designs that are designed by not currently submitted? Maybe 10?

1 knit
1 Tunisian crochet

How do I keep track of it all? I have a master list/chart that I update whenever there is a change.


Sara said...

There wasn't a simple answer to that question. lol That is a lot to keep track of. I have three UFO's, tunisian afghan, knit shawl and crochet arm warmer. I sent two projects that I had not started but had the yarn to my mom. One is a knit jumper dress for my daughter and the other is a knit baby afghan.

fracksmom said...

lol, i have projects all over the place in different stages and can't begin to keep track of them all.
You Rock, and remember for colors you were claiming Magenta is your new fav

Crochet Belle said...

I am so glad to hear you will have a book out. I love all your patterns, but I am really drawn to the afghans. :)