Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Niece's gift

I'm thinking that I would like to make something for our new niece, Erin Elizabeth... what should I make? Something quick, something easy to care for... Maybe the bib? or Jingle Ball (both are in the Chain-Free Crochet Book) or the Sweet and Swingy Dress from Crochet Today. I'll probably start with the ball and bib because I already have enough yarn in my stash for those (I think). Maybe I could get the dress done in time for a Christening gift? Sounds like a plan!


Susan said...

I vote for the BIB crocheted a dark color ( navy blue with white trim )... I hated it when I always got fancy white bibs as presents, and I just knew Micahel was going to spit on them and ruin them. ( And I remember that from 29 years ago...LOL Michael will be 30 in October.)

~ Susan

Cathy said...

I love the idea of the crochet ball and the bib in coordinating yarns. Or you could make a cute little stuffed animal. I made a real soft cat for a friend and it has become one of her favorite things, even 3 years later. (Of course, I don't have a pattern... yet!)