Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book update and sunflower

This sunflower popped up the other day in our backyard. I'm surprised the deer haven't found it yet, pulled it over and ate the seeds out of it. I love deer, but they really eat everything.

Today I'm on a marathon session to try and finish a project by bedtime tonight. I may have been a little optimistic in my goal. Sometimes I forget just how long it takes to make dinner, get someone some milk, read someone a book, help them with homework, pack the lunches for the next day... I also have to bake a cake for school tomorrow. The school is having a fundraiser. I'm making a white cake. Since I'm not going to get a piece, it doesn't have to be chocolate!

Thank you to my new followers! We're up to 90! What a thrill!

The book is going well, I ordered 3 more boxes of yarn yesterday. I'm still learning as we go along. It appears that deadlines are harder to understand than I thought. Some things are due early so that promotional materials/pamphlets can be made. Other things are due later. I just try to do what I'm in the mood to do and then push to make sure that every thing gets done by the right deadline. I'm also trying to submit littler chunks of the book at a time so that I don't have the HUGE deadline of EVERYTHING all at once.

Have a great day. I hear the Interweave Crochet Fall preview goes up tomorrow, 9/18 around dinner time Eastern. I know I will be checking it with interest... hint hint.


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...


Let me know if you need any more cheers! LOL!! :o)

Good luck with the deadline!
Have a great day and thanks for the hint! --Haley

Susan said...

Hi Ellen...

I don't miss the days of baking cakes or cookies in a 1/2 hour because Michael forgot to tell me he needs them the next day for school... So you end up staying up to bake overnight with your eyes half closed....( But when thinking back, it felt so good to be of help.)

... All the school ever had to hear was " My Mommy Can Help You... She doesn't Go To Work. "... * Michael is 29 now. *

~ Susan