Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ogee, Oh my!

This design, I designed while playing with my kids out in the driveway, playing with chalk. We were drawing castles at our old house. Chickie must have been about 5 and Chief was 3.5 or so. And I remember doodling this one out on the concrete as I watched the kids play. It is "Ogee, Oh My" and it is a free pattern on Coats & Clark's website.

It was originally seen on NeedleArts Studio with Shay Pendray. That's Shay on the left and Kathleen Sams on the right in the photo above.

This is an alternate color scheme.
Here's the only photo I can find of the actual colors of the finished afghan, and the only photo with some detail. Sorry it's just a swatch photo.

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KB said...

I am making a blanket for my daughter's friend, and this pattern matches her bedroom perfectly. Is there any way you can make a video tutorial of this? I am new-ish to crocheting and am not that great at reading patterns. Watching someone do it is the best way for me to learn. Thanks so much!