Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cool Gadget: Purse mate

One of the main arguments against a crocheted handbag is the lack of pockets... but just look at this what a great idea! Now you can get a purse insert from Joey Junior, it comes in several different orientations/sizes to keep all your "stuff" organized inside any purse. It would be especially awesome for crocheted handbags! Imagine, you can have your whole wardrobe of crocheted bags, keep all your "stuff" inside this purse mate, and you can just remove the whole purse mate from the bag and put it in a new bag DAILY! With ease, you can transfer all your essentials from one crocheted bag to another. Voila'!

Above, you see my "Zippered Satchel" which was published in Spring 2006 in Crochet Fantasy. A purse mate would be a great addition to this little one-shoulder bag!

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