Monday, October 29, 2007

Fancy party

Sometimes, with my husband's work, we get to go to black-tie events. We had such an event this past weekend. I made this little beaded wristlet bag out of Moda Dea Beadnik for the event. The glass, is one that was my Mom's and I just love it, but rarely use it for fear of breaking it! This was taken at home before we left. The bag is just designed to be convenient to hold a beverage in one hand and shake hands with the other, or hold a cocktail plate or whatever. Because at these events, there is much time standing for cocktail hour, and it's just too hard, and not terribly graceful, to juggle everything.

Chickee took these photos of me and DH,

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Jaybird Designs said...

You look beautiful!! And I love the bag. I have some of that yarn and have been waiting for the perfect project to use it on!