Saturday, October 27, 2007

Free as a bird, and other myths

I may have given you the wrong impression....I may have made you think that when I design I am completely carefree and open to the possibilities. While this is partly true, many times I design with a more strategic plan. Really, I make GOALS, then I SWATCH, SWATCH, SWATCH, then I do the MATH, and then I do the MATH, again. I make sketches and diagrams, I make 'Project Summary' form that goes in a binder to help me keep track of all my designs. I assign the design a number and a title. I put a proposal package together with all of this stuff.

But today, let's talk about goals:

I really do think about drape, size, lacy-ness vs. dense-ness, I think about how colors will sit next to each other. I think about what hardware (handles, clasps) will look best on a handbag or tote, I think about closures (buttons, flaps, snaps).

Then I think about the art stuff:

repetition with variety





negative space

forground, background depth


See, I may seem all fancy free, but really, I'm a thinker.


Haley said...

And it really shows!! I think your designs are great! I love reading your blog - it inspires me to pick up my hooks and dive in. Thanks for all the great entries. Can't wait for the reveals of your sneaky peaks!

Ellen Gormley said...

Thanks Haley, it's a thrill everytime a new reader is revealed! Thanks for the nice comments.