Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An under-used yarn

Lion Brand “Landscapes” (chunky) weight Art. 540 (1.75 oz/55 yard ball) 50% wool, 50% acrylic.
I love this yarn, the problem is, that I haven't been able to figure out too many uses for it! It is a bulky, close to super bulky weight yarn, and comes in several gorgeous variegated colors. I have designed 2 items using it, (and I'm awaiting a reply), but in general, I have not been able to find a satisfactory home for this lovely yarn. The Lion Brand catalog shows a delicious toddler sweater in this yarn, and I think it is more "jacket-like". Which is probably a very good option for it.
Being 50% wool, I tried to felt it once, and because of the 50% acrylic, it didn't really work, It fuzzed a bit. Still, if you were to make a garment out of it, I would be careful when washing it (I think it's suggested to be hand washed) so that it doesn't lose it's luster.
I don't recall seeing any other designs using it... have you?

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