Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A new guild?

Chickee (in the flowered dress, she's always in a dress!) frequently invites her friends over. Of course, I am always crocheting. They have started asking what I'm making, how much progress have I made since yesterday. Friend in the dark pink asked me to make her a coaster for her water bottle that she has on her desk at school! So I whipped up a little pink and green circle with picot edging. So then they finally asked, "Can you teach us?" and I said, "YES!". I conveniently had 4 "starters" ready for them and out to the deck we went! (We don't have any deck furniture yet!) Chickee just continued to work on her "afghan" she was making for Charlie. Chief said that he wanted to learn too, but quickly lost interest. He's 4 and a half and is trying to decide what he likes because he likes it and what he likes because everybody else likes it. Tomorrow I'll show you want Chickee made.

The "starters" are just small balls of light colored acrylic worsted yarn in a reclosable bag and I have already done 3-4 rows in sc with a large hook. I do think it is important to let students choose any color yarn they want, so they can feel more excited about the project, but I wanted to "jump" on their enthusiasm, and I only had a few minutes until I had to start making dinner. I think that it is easier to get them to feel success if they have something to "hold on to" while they are learning how to hold the hook and learning how to form the sc. I did show them once how to make a slip knot, make chains, turn, work into the foundation ch. But all of that, I will let them practice later. I had the "starters" leftover from a 'Crochet and Cocktails party' I threw back in March. I keep a mental list of everyone I encounter who says, "I'd like to learn how to crochet" and then when I have time, I invite them all over to learn. I provide starters for those who need them. I lie cool crochet magazines around, set out a few of my collectible hooks, I make a great dessert, serve a little wine, set up the computer for those who want to see tutorials, and take it from there. Last time a few wanted to bring their kids, but we made it adults only that time, and next time, maybe we'll do a 'Crochet and Candy' party and omit the wine.

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