Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Welcome to any new visitors in addition to my returning friends!

I have to say Thank you to Brenda Bourg for the interview in the new issue of the Talking Crochet Newsletter.

What you can expect to find at Go Crochet...

MOTIVATION!  I work hard and I hope it's contagious! All I ask is that you consider making a decision (any decision) today that helps you be closer to happy. Fitness, crochet, love, whatever.

CROCHET!  Most of the content is crochet because that's my passion! When I can reveal new stuff (and there is always something new in the works...) I love sharing it here.

COACHING!  I have two types of coaching available. If you want to become a successful crochet professional, either designer, teacher, tech editor, contract stitcher, etc, I can prompt you toward your goals! It's a great way to stay accountable to yourself and make it happen!  Email me at Ellen @ for rates. You get the benefit of my 14+ years of crochet industry experience!

LIFE Coaching! Because Crochet Career Coaching is taking off so well and I know there are many of you who want the accountability and motivation to reach personal goals, I am qualified to help you there too!  Email me at Ellen @ for availability!

How will you be awesome today?

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