Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Motivation: Conquer the Moment

Minnie doesn't cuddle. She doesn't. Like ever. So when she hopped up on my lap while I waited for her to eat her dinner... I took the time to enjoy the moment. She might stand next to me for a few minutes per day to let me pet her, but it is extremely rare for her to sit down and sitting on me is really odd. 

I think success and productivity is in the moments. It's what you do with the spare moments that determine whether or not the day is productive. If you have 20 minutes do you think, "I can't get anything accomplished in 20 minutes" and so just spend it mindlessly? Or do you think "I have 20 minutes! I can get a start on ... a blog post, a sketch, a list, a few more rows of stitching..."? 

I also believe that using the spare moments to breathe and pray is still productive. 

On a totally unrelated note... I imagine that saucers were invented to go under hot drinks to prevent spilling. If you are like me... you might need a super saucer (aka vegetable serving bowl) to prevent disaster. This helps make sure I don't spend my spare moments trying to clean hot chocolate off the couch.

How will you conquer your moments today?

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