Monday, October 9, 2017

Motivation Monday! BEE Awesome.

I'm sure you can relate. Life has been crazy busy here in Go Crochet Land. I'll try to pace it out so I don't over-share all in one post.

First... Motivation Monday.

I ran my #12 Half Marathon this weekend. I find this pretty hilarious because I never liked to run as a kid. I kinda hated running. Soccer practice, running laps around the field to warm up was the worst part of soccer. It seemed so pointless. Looking back I think I hated it because I thought it had to be an all-out sprint. (And it was, I guess). But if I had just relaxed into it and didn't push so hard I would have enjoyed it more. (Is there a life lesson here?)

I ran the Queen Bee with my BRF Lisa. It was her 28th Half Marathon, my 12th. Yes, that is a spoon in my shirt...

You see, it's like this...In the finish chute, they have all sorts of goodies and I had no place to put them. Applesauce, granola bars, water, bananas, chocolate milk, they handed us sunflowers. I just couldn't hold it all.. so I put my spoon for my applesauce in my shirt and then forgot about it...

I drank the chocolate milk and the water, of course. In the finish party area, they gave out BOTTLES OF WINE... and mimosas. I'm not a big drinker but I took my free bottle of wine anyway and gave it away ;)
The medal is a wine stopper! My friends were like, 'Why would I need one of those? Who stops drinking in the middle of a bottle?' LOL. It's such a wine-centered-culture we are in these days.

Anyway, I'd rather eat my calories than drink them.

Back to my point... I hated running as a kid. But when you have a buddy to run with and you get to talking, suddenly the miles fly by and you forget you are running (mostly). There is no need to be competitive or sprint, it's ok to relax into it and let it be or let it BEE!  haha. I crack myself up.

I never thought I would be a runner. The idea of running had me like, "uh, NO!". But it's amazing what happens when you just do something (anything) and you rest a day and the next time you do it again but add two more minutes. And you do this for a month or six weeks and suddenly you look back and say, "Wow, even in a month I have made some progress".

You don't have to run. I know it's not for everyone for lots of reasons. But if you start something, you have to keep with it a little bit to give yourself the joy of looking back and seeing the progress.

How will you be awesome today?

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