Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sell Your Crochet Patterns, Build Your Career - Go Crochet Coaching

A crochet career can feel so vague and overwhelming but I can help you stop drifting. I'm a life coach with extensive experience in the crochet and yarn industry. Because of that I'm the perfect sounding board and guide for you to establish career goals, outline steps to achieve success, and keep you focused.

Let's figure out what a crochet career could look like for you. What are your strengths and how do you market them? Where do you need to gain experience and confidence?  I have designed and sold more than 300 patterns, written 5 books, and appeared on the Knit and Crochet Nowtv show for the past 5 seasons. I'm a teacher, runner, mom, an unapologetic optimist. Use me.

Would you like to read some recommendations from other professionals in the field? Hear from author, designer, and former mentee, Brenda Bourg HERE. Hear from author, knit and crochet designer and yarn company representative Sandi Rosner HERE. 

Do you need an ally or a person in your corner? I believe in encouraging clients to achieve all goals that bring them health and happiness, including fitness and career/life balance goals.

The cool thing about coaching is that your experiences are cumulative. Everything you learn, you will use and build on long past when coaching time is over.

The commitment is one month. After a month, you decide if you want another month. It's that simple.

Take the crochet industry by storm. 

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