Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Juggling work and family is not a new struggle. Men and women both have to figure it out. Work from home moms like me have to figure it out. Work outside of the home women have to figure it out. It seems that the balance is constantly being checked.

Today is National Running Day. After a few days of not running, my derriere begins to bond with the couch. If I don't break that bond after 6-7 days I'm in danger of growing roots and never getting up. Today, I had to get out.

Let's face it, there is nothing more important than family. My family has kept me busy the past few weeks but things are settling down into a new summertime rhythm. I haven't even had time to run in the past week. Time to re-focus on work and looking forward.

Today's run was pass/fail. I remember the serendipity of getting a course in college that was not graded but merely a pass/fail. That was today's run. The only thing that got me out the door was giving myself permission to just pass. It didn't have to be an A+ run. Just get it done. Some tasks in life are like that. It's not cheating to make some tasks a pass/fail. We can't give 100% to every task, everyday, all the time. Part of the life/work balance is figuring out which tasks need 100% effort and which tasks are pass/fail.

Is there any tasks in your life that you have placed undue emphasis, that are really pass/fail tasks?

Happy National Running Day! If you go on a walk today...I dare you to add 10 jog strides if it is healthy for you.

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